Loyalty…it is getting more and more difficult to come by in today’s world.  Why is that?  Why has loyalty become an optional item?  Why have we allowed our society to move toward being fickle without an uprising? 

Once upon a time folks worked for the same company for years – there was a bond – a loyalty that went both ways.  Where have those days gone?  These days it is more about money than people.

Nowhere is the lack of loyalty more clear than in the media – television and radio have become the homeland of the fickle.  It’s a wonder any one chooses to work in these areas with the level of instability that exists.

On Friday, AM1100 (The Flag) summarily fired my friend Bruce Kelly.  The powers that be blamed it on “budget cuts” – really budget cuts?  You expect us to believe that?  WHATEVER.  The reality is that this ties back to that lack of loyalty that employers have increasingly been showing for not only employees, but customers and communities as well.  Forget about the time, energy and effort Bruce put into his show and the community…forget about the causes he heralded and championed…forget about allowing his roots in the community to grow – oh no, fire him at your whim and hope that no one notices that you are amongst the ficklest of the fickle.

Well, here’s the 411 for you management at The Flag – I noticed your lack of loyalty to Bruce and to the community.  And guess what?  I am not alone…others are fed up with Bruce’s firing and other similar firings.  The fickle out there aren’t fooling anyone. 

Remember, loyalty is a two way street.  The way I see it AM1100, your street is replete with deep potholes and no one will be anxious to go down it.  Wow, what is a radio station without listeners?  Wait that is a riddle of sorts…and the answer is dead air. 

It is time for consumers to let the fickle know that they are tired of their lack of loyalty.  It is time for consumers to expect that companies they patronize show loyalty to their customers and employees.  It is time to examine what we have lost with the general loss of loyalty in society.  I think we have lost too much…I think too many good people have fallen to the fickle.  Take a stand on loyalty and stop listening, watching, patronizing, etc. places that don’t evidence it.  Don’t allow the fickle to take over – don’t allow loyalty to be a hallmark of days past.  Loyalty is a necessary part of building strong trustworthy businesses and the more we look away when it is lacking, the more of this type of behavior we can expect from employers.  Don’t look away – look the fickle in the eyes and let them know that we are mad as hell and we aren’t going to let them get away with this nonsense any longer.  Are you listening AM1100?  Cause I won’t be – at least not to The Flag.

Day seven hundred and sixty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C


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