Jumping Through Hoops…

Cheyenne, Mike (a.k.a. Jersey boy) and I made a short visit to West Fargo’s Dog Show tonight and had an opportunity to watch a number of dogs run the course.  The course required a number of skills such as jumping, sitting and staying, traversing a teeter totter, running through tubes and chutes, and weaving through obstacles.  Wow – who knew West Fargo had so many dog stars in its midst? 

Cheyenne had wanted to bring our dog Cooper to the dog show, but I told her we had better scope it out this year and consider bringing him next year.  Yeah, my professional opinion is that Cooper will not be attending the dog show anytime in the near futuire.

You see Cooper, who is a saint bernard/german shepherd mix as best we can tell (he was a shelter adoption), is cute and can be charming, but he is not all that great at listening or following directions.  If Cooper was let off his leash to run the course the only thing that I can tell you would happen to a moral certainty is that I would have to spend the next hour chasing Cooper around the park.  Cooper is great at tag and when he plays I am always “it” – I am the one in endless pursuit cussing under my breath as he gleefully evades me.

The course is so far outside Cooper’s personality and skills that I told Cheyenne that I would give her $1,000 if she could train Cooper to run the course.  I felt completely confident making the offer as I know Cooper and he is not a jumping through hoops kind of dog – at least not at a human being’s request.  Cooper’s personality is more like that big goofy dog you see in movies who runs around and causes mayhem based on his size and free spirit.  Let me assure you that it looks like a lot more fun to have a dog like that in fictional accounts than in real life.

So you won’t see Cooper in the West Fargo Dog Show anytime soon; however, on any given day you may be able to catch Cooper’s exceptional tag skills…you’ll know it is him when you see his playmate running after him and cussing under her breath.  😉

Day seven hundred and seventy-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C