Miracle Worker In A Jar?

I have used facial products from the Philosophy line for years now.  The primary product line I use is the Hope line – Hope in a Jar and When Hope Is Not Enough.  When I started using When Hope Is Not Enough I cringed a bit at the name of the product and the message behind it which is basically – you better actively start caring for your face because you aren’t getting any younger.  I acknowledged exactly that (that hope is indeed not enough) and have been a faithful product user ever since. 

I got a mailing from JC Penney the other day regarding Sephora offerings and the focus was on a new Philosophy product line called Miracle WorkerMiracle Worker?  Wow, miracles are big – bigger than hope and a push beyond hope.  Miracles denote dramatic, unbelievable changes that can only be had with divine (or in this case, cosmetic) intervention.  Hmmm…who doesn’t want a miracle…especially when it relates to their face and aging? 

I was all ready to rush down to JC Penney and scoop up my miracle when it occurred to me that by moving toward a miracle I may be tacitly acknowledging that I was not only beyond hope, I was also beyond my When Hope Is Not Enough fare (which has been my standard for years).  Ouch – the leap from active anti-aging care to the need for miracles is a pretty big one.  Am I really in need of a miracle just yet?  How does one know when one has stepped beyond one product’s limitations and has moved into another product’s realm?

I guess it sorta’ depends on the level of miracle the Miracle Worker can deliver.  Will I suddenly be mistaken for a 30-something by virtue of using it?  Will time be turned back to the extent that folks may not recognize me?  For pennies on the dollar will I receive the benefit of actual cosmetic surgery?  Do they make an all over Miracle Worker body cream as well?

Or is Miracle Worker the last step in a parade of steps that women take to try to protect and preserve their faces?  Is it the last hurrah?  Does moving to Miracle Worker signal an acknowledgement that the party, while not over, is winding down into the wee morning hours? 

Don’t get me wrong, I am always up for a miracle.  Alas, the pragmatist is me thinks that the steps taken toward that miracle demarcate the closing of the door on my days of hope.  I don’t think I am ready for that just yet.  However, if you have experienced a miracle via the Miracle Worker product line that has made the days of hope seem like the stone ages, I would love to hear about it.  I may be pragmatic, but I’m not foolish.  I want to be the best-looking pragmatist I can be. 😉

Day seven hundred and seventy-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C