Who Knew Handy Could Be So Sexy?

Mike (a.k.a. Jersey boy) is at my house today and is busy assessing all the handyman projects he can help me with.  Goodness gracious, who knew handy could be so sexy? 

It is amazing the things that change as you age.  In the beginning (not of mankind – in the beginning of my recognition that boys were a lifeform worth noting – which was, for the record, a significant amount of time after the creation of mankind)…ahh, but I digressed in parenthesis format and lost my way – so typical. 

As I was saying, in the beginning I thought other things were sexy. It started off with features such as nice eyes, a dimpled chin or a captivating smile.  As I got older my definition of sexy broadened to encompass an appreciation of body fitness – things such as nice upper body development, defined abs and sculpted calves.  Later I became acutely aware of the sexiness that confidence held and came to value that highly.  But today as my boyfriend is talking about all the fix-it and remodeling projects he can do around the house I find myself defining sexy in a whole new way…in a way that really values handiness.

It’s not that I suddenly go wild when I see a man with a toolbox and tape measure.  Heaven knows there have been plenty of men like that around here this past year.  It is something more primal and basic – something that is more about the caretaking piece of the equation.  The fact that Mike wants to come over here and help take care of things that I cannot – the fact that he wants to take care of me.  Yes, indeed – that carries some crazy sex appeal for a single girl in the new forty who is decidely un-handy (my toolbox go-tos are duct tape and super glue) and who has spent most of her life taking care of herself. 

So today I add handy to my list of items that are sexy.  Heaven help me if my handy boyfriend decides to do all that fix-it work with his shirt off – I may just faint outright from the excitement of it all. 😉 

Day seven hundred and eighty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Hi… I find your writings very amusing since you met Jersey Boy!!! I try to read it each day so I dont miss anything!!!. Im really happy you found a “nice” man to spend your life with. So from the mountains of North Carolina GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!! Nanna

  2. Barbara

    Oh yes—the phases of what is sexy took me right down memory lane, from the dimples to the hunks to the day when my non-carpenter, over-the-road trucker husband came home with all the materials for installing wainscoting alongside the basement stairway! It took all his spare time for three weeks—and was done just because I had made an offhand comment about how nice it would be.
    What might be sexy for you at my age? Well…..tonight I was thinking that there is one nice thing about hurricanes: I get to drool over Gen. Russell Honore when he comes on the CNN screen. (And sure ‘nuff, there he was tonight with that wonderful drawl!) Or that other Russell—Bill of the old Boston Celtics with all that gorgeous white hair and million watt smile. ….Sigh….

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