Food For The Soul…or Not.

Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs (who was convicted of sexually assaulting underage female followers) is now in a medically induced coma because he has been fasting for the past few weeks (see the article on InForum here).  Jeffs likely is hoping he’ll die, but apparently the State of Texas is going to nourish him whether he wants it or not. 

Jeffs has tried to kill himself before when the going has gotten tough for him.  Apparently, when the going gets tough, Jeffs throws in the towel.  I find it interesting that he has chosen fasting as his avenue for escaping the realities of his punishment.  In regard to Jeffers fasting I keep thinking about the phrase “food for the soul” – and what the lack thereof likewse implies.  Food for the soul is supposed to denote nourishment of the soul.  In Jeffs’ case the lack of food seems to me to serve as a metaphor for the fact that his soul is barren.

To the good folks of Texas I say, “Let him fast.”  That seems an appropriate nourishment (or lack thereof) for his soul.  As for the actual examination and evaluation of his undernourished soul – well, that is left to God.  Jeffs may accomplish the death of his human body, but his pitiful soul will be with him awhile…there will be no fasting his way out of that one.

Day seven hundred and eighty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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