Am I Style-savvy Or Therapy-worthy?

Michael has been putting additional shelves in my closet this weekend.  The goal is to provide additional storage in areas of unused space.  This makes me very happy as my closet capacity was heretofore maxed out.  I dream of having a big luxurious walk-in closet the size of a room, but until Cheyenne goes off to college and vacates the room next to mine that dream will not be realized.  In the interim, additional shelves generate quite a bit of excitement.

In celebration of new shelf space I purchased plastic shoe boxes to better store the shoes I do not wear frequently.  Buy a few dozen plastic shoe storage boxes and sit back and listen to how many comments about shoes it generates from the new boyfriend who has maybe five pairs of shoes total.  He actually suggested that I may – perhaps – have more shoes than I need.  I viewed his suggestion as an opportunity to educate him on the importance of style-savvy. 

After all, different outfits, different occasions and different activities require different shoes.  For every pair of shoes there is a reason, a season and at least one outfit that they finish off with aplomb.  Plus, once you find one style of shoe that is comfortable and well-made it makes sense to acquire it in other color options.  Really, understanding the import of the right pair of shoes for any given outfit is Style 101; alas, Michael hasn’t watched quite enough fashion-focused television to understand that.  I thought it my duty as his girlfriend to give him a crash course on the value of a diversified shoe collection. 

While he listened politely to the entirety of the lesson, he didn’t seem to fully grasp the importance of what I was teaching him.  When the lesson was done he actually suggested that perhaps I needed to get rid of some of my shoes because I had too many.  Indeed, I do believe I picked up a bit of concern in his comments that seemed to denote that I had a shoe problem.   Me…a problem with shoes???  Silly man…of course he knows nothing of shoe realities. 

Clearly we will need to review the lesson again.  In the meantime, he has been very helpful in putting my new plastic shoe boxes on my new shelves as I gush over and over again, “I love that pair of shoes.”  For the moment I think he has just resigned himself to love the girl in the shoes and to reserve his comments about the need for therapy for another day.  He is a smart man my boyfriend, even if he hasn’t yet passed Style 101. 😉

Day seven hundred and ninety of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Kevin

    5 pair of shoes..omg what does he do with all those shoes? I may have 5 pair if you count the old work boots that I keep just in case my recent work boots have issues..and saving old has came in handy more then once……one pair of current work boots…hey they work for dress up also…but still have one pair of dress boots along with one pair of dress pants and a shirt plus an old worn out pair of work boots….6 months for work boots….time for new pair….oh unless you count the thong shoes that I have that I wear once or twice a year when I go boating and a pair of rubber boots that I wear when the water gets deep. Why would anyone need anymore???????????????

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