I was informed by Michael that a man becoming aware that a woman is wearing black underwear is the equivalent of a dog seeing a squirrel – an instant and unequivocal refocusing that is all consuming.  I had not heard this before.  I am not sure how I missed this little tidbit.

I have to wonder if this is purely a Michael truism or one more generally and accurately tied to males across the board.  I guess I can in some ways understand the rationale for men zinging in on black underwear.  Black is basically the official color of bad guys everywhere, so I guess black underwear may represent the notion of bad girls…and bad girls must have some appeal to men.  Perhaps it is in accordance with Mae West’s thoughts on the subject –  “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.”   

I find this notion that colors can represent behavior tendencies – be they positive or negative – quite interesting.  Ultimately, I am less interested in the “squirrel effect” black underwear has on males and more interested in why women select one underwear color over another.  Forget about styles – clearly there are some underwear styles that are more fetching to an admirer’s eye than others – there is no debate there; albeit,  while there aren’t too many men jumping up and down over granny panties, some women still embrace them for the comfort.

But what motivates women to wear certain colors of underwear?  Do women ascribe behavioral tendencies to underwear color as well?  Is the underwear color worn on a date different than the underwear color worn to a job interview or a child’s birthday party?  And when we move beyond color to patterns what does that mean?  If you wear black underwear with white polka dots are you feeling like a playful bad girl? And if you wear white underwear with black polka dots are you feeling like a mischevious good girl?

What about stripes or flowers or underwear with days of the week on them?  What do they tell us?  Do royal purple underwear denote a different persona than lavendar ones?   What if the underwear and bra match – what does that mean?  And what of those who wear no underwear at all? 

The majority of my underwear are black and I can say that I feel that black is a good color for me.  It is a rare occasion that I buy other colors or prints.  Over the years I have increasingly just acquired more and more black and retired the others.  Now, does this mean I am a bad girl – or more accurately that I view myself as a bad girl?  Hmmmm…that is an interesting question.  I never thought about it before, but I do think that I have ascribed some subconscious meaning to the black underwear. 

I never consciously realized that black underwear has a “squirrel effect” on men, but it must have registered somewhere subconsciously to have moved me over the years to almost all black underwear.  So rare is variation in my underwear color that I cannot even tell you how wearing another color feels.  I can tell you that thinking about it now, black strikes me as a power color – a take no prisoners color – a bad girl color. 

So if the “squirrel effect” regarding black underwear holds water then I have been doing my part to refocus men’s attention whether I knew it or not.  I wonder how men are affected by black lingerie??  That is probably the equivalent of a squirrel reunion. 😉

Day seven hundred and ninety-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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