I receive over 100 emails a day across my two main email accounts on a slow day.  Of those emails I typically delete about 25% outright, read 25% before deleting or filing them, respond to another 25% and retain the remaining 25% emails in files to read or respond to later.   On a day when I am on my game this system is almost functional. 

Of course, the key element is me being on my game.  When I am not on my game the whole system falls apart and the emails – well, they pile up in my inbox.  After a week or two of being off my game my email accounts start to resemble the hall closet that folks shove all the odds and ends into and try not to open lest they be buried under an avalanche of stuff.  Well, I am here to tell you that I have not been on my game for quite awhile…heck, I haven’t even been sitting on the bench on the sidelines. 

Regular readers of my blog know that me and my email accounts have enduring issues. In my years using email as a primary mode of social and work communication there have been many times when my email backlog has gotten way out of control.  Truth be told, I cannot remember when last the email situation was fully in control.  There have been some valiant efforts toward regaining control over the past couple of years, but each time the unbridled optimism at the outset faded into a depressed resignation when I recognized that regaining control was going to take more than a day or a few days.  My last failed effort was a few months ago. 

Today though I looked into the evil closet that is comprised of my two key email accounts and started to do the dastardly work of closet cleaner yet again.  I started in my hotmail account that had over 2,600 emails in its inbox and began liberally deleting unnecessary items.  Four hours later I had deleted over 1,400 emails from that account.  1,400 emails deleted…geez Louise.

My work account has almost 2,300 emails lingering in its inbox.  Tomorrow I am going to take a shot at that inbox and see what kind of damage I can do.  I won’t get through the whole lot of them, but I should be able to dispose of at least half with a dedicated effort.  Unfortunately, deleting is the easiest part of inbox cleaning – its the stuff that stays in there because it needs a response or further attention that will kill you when you open the closet door. 

The good news is I am off the bench and if only for a fleeting time – on my game.  My finger is primed and ready to go and when I am done with my massive deleting effort I will put my two finger typing skills to work on the couple thousand emails that remain.  If you know of someone who can sub in for me in this game let me know…otherwise expect it to go into overtime. 😉

Day seven hundred and ninety-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Omigosh! I was overwhelmed and confuzzled by the purging job when my Inbox had 550 emails! I have a feeling that I will go to sleep with Deleted in my brain and have terrible nightmares–like I did when I sorted through my hundreds of letters saved over the years. Sounds like you are very efficient and decisive dealing with your hoard!

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