Coincidence Or Abject Stupidity?

I wonder if I am, by virtue of my geeky emergency management chick persona, uniquely sensitive to the matter I address today.  I think that may be the case as I ran this past Mike and he didn’t immediately put it together the way I did.  So I present it to you dear readers for your thoughts – and note that I am prepared to hear that I am alone in my irritation.

Michaels, the craft store, sent me an email today that featured a one day sale item for tomorrow (September 11, 2011).  The image from the email is included here.

Okay…let me get this straight…on September 11, 2011 – the ten year anniversary of one of the most horrific acts the United States has ever experienced – you are going to have a special sale on Duck Tape (which is the name brand of a specific duct tape company).  

Being the geeky emergency management chick I am, I recall an important member of the Bush administration telling Americans post 9-11 that they should stock up on (among other things) duct tape and plastic sheeting to protect themselves against a possible  biological, chemical or radiological terrorist attack (the goal was for citizens to be prepared to shelter-in-place). I also recall late night comedians having a field day with that recommendation (even though I have to tell you folks that they are necessary items for sheltering-in-place).

Now, here is my question to the powers that be at Michaels:  “Is the one day sale on Duck Tape merely a coincidence or abject stupidity on someone’s part?”  Seriously?  Of all the days of the year to have this sale you picked September 11th?  Were you thinking it was funny?  If you were, I am here to tell you that it’s not – at least not to geeky emergency management chicks like me.

I can’t wait to hear your response Michaels.  Dear readers please do tell me if this would have ever occurred to you absent me reminding you of it herein.  I won’t be surprised to have it confirmed that I am in a minority with this sensitivity…but I hope that Michaels will step up and apologize for this – whatever it is (coincidence or someone’s abject stupidity) – as it just doesn’t sit well and I don’t believe that I will be all alone in my sensitivity to their insensitivity.

Seven hundred and ninety-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. I didn’t see the flyer, but I would have reacted in a manner similar to the way you did. My wife Sue would have also told me I was thinking too much into it and that I was overreacting.

  2. Kevin

    Stan really could have not said it any better but that is what this world is all about. Advertisement…Yes poor taste in my mind, however the norm is that way…think about christmas, and thanx giving…thing of it really is…some one prolly remembered the putting your house in a plastic bag, and that is how that came about. But my guess if something is going to happen, it will happen that day, so a sale that day is a bit to late. Commercialization just sucks, but people suck it up. Note the DOUBLE negatives…..
    Bet they will sell lots and make lots of money on it. Bet lots of people will buy some just for rememberance of “oh they told us to wrap our houses in duck(t) tape”
    Not enough free thinkers in this world anymore…….

  3. Mark

    I’m inclined to agree w/ Stan (@ 3:19 pm) but I suspect it’s just geeky emergency management professionals that would give the product placement a second thought.
    Put me down for “coincidence.” Methinks the marketing director and the copywriter never took an emergency management course or maybe the pressure to move all that “Duck Tape” inventory clouded their judgment. I do, however, see your point. The ad was, to say the least , unfortunate in its timing. And I look forward to reading whether the folks at Michaels respond.
    By the by — enjoy your blog.

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