Guilty By Association…

There is an operational reality that goes along with being a friend or family member of a blogger like me – eventually you are likely to become part of one or more blog posts.  It is a reality that most folks around me have gotten used to over time.  I do have some friends that prefer to remain unnamed in my blog and I honor those requests when I get them.  That doesn’t mean I exclude mention of them, it just means I either give them a pseudonym or refer to them generally without any reference to name or identifying information.   Albeit, the fact is that the vast majority of folks that cross my path that end up in my blog (particularly those that appear again and again) are named suspects and thereby become guilty by association. 

Over the two plus years I have been writing my blog I have gotten a great deal of feedback from those mentioned in my blog about other folks’ reaction to their association with me.  Folks that know me from my everyday life (as opposed to just my blog) tend to look at my blog as just another quirky piece of me and tend to forget the fact that my blog is accessible to virtually anyone anywhere.  As such, they are surprised on occasion when certain  folks know stuff they didn’t think they knew because they read it in my blog.  Now to be fair, whenever I write about someone in my life in a way that involves what could be considered personal or private information I ask them first if they mind.  I also tell folks when they are in my blog and send them the link.  So they know they are in there and that anyone can read it, but because being mentioned in my blog is just a mere blip in the radar screen of their real everyday lives they tend to forget about it…until someone they don’t expect mentions it.  Then I get calls or emails from them about how funny it is that this person or that person reads my blog and mentioned it to them.

I understand the feeling.  Even though I know the reach of my blog (it is on the internet so the reach is essentially darn near everywhere), I still find myself surprised at times to hear who is reading it and where. 

Today Mike (a.k.a. Jersey boy) was out and about conducting his work responsibilities and had his first guilty by association moment at Midwest Printing in Fergus Falls.  Only initially being identified as Jersey boy and later by his first name (Mike) in my blog,  I tried to protect his identity somewhat, but when we is out and about and he talks about me to folks and mentions I have a blog he opens the door for those who read my blog to put all the pieces together.  I must say though that I find it awfully sweet that he is out and about talking about me to folks – it makes my heart happy to know I am on his mind during the ins-and-outs of his days. 

So Mike had his first guilty by association moment and he laughed about it and I got a call.  His focus on the whole interaction was more about the curiousity of how the woman who asked him if he was Jersey boy came to happen upon my blog (he wonders how it seeps into so many diverse places and reaches often seemingly unconnected folks)…he seemed not at all bothered by being called out as Jersey boy.   That is a good thing as he is in my life and my life appears regularly in my blog…and I do so love the way he associates with me. 😉

I say all the time in my blog that I am just a regular person and I write about my real life, but I think it takes coming face to face with some of the cast of characters in my world for folks to fully appreciate that I am operating day-to-day in the exact same reality as everyone else – I just blog about it (unlike other sane human beings who choose not to).  So yes, the world I talk about in my blog is your world – and those of you in the general geographic area of North Dakota and West Central Minnesota are geographically guilty by association as this is where I live most of my days.  I love that my blog allows me the opportunity to share my experiences in this area with a whole collection of fabulous folks that are just going about their lives and in the process are contributing to the general postivity in our area – especially when I know that some of my blog readers may know or may have worked with the folks I write about.

So today I give a shout out to my blog reader at Midwest Printing in Fergus Falls and her friend that turned her on to my blog – thanks for reading and for giving Mike his first guilty by association moment.  Now you are likewise guilty by association – welcome to the club! 😉

Day eight hundred of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Well, I’m just liking that Mike guy more all the time! And I’ll bet you do a little happy dance at least once a day–I know I would!

  2. Stan

    At one time my father was fairly well known in the valley. I went through my early years as “E_______’s kid”.

    Mike seems like he can handle the notoriety.

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