I’m With Goldilocks…

I recognized the second I typed Goldilocks in the subject line of this post that there was the potential for this blog to go horribly wrong and quickly run into the gutter; but, never fear dear readers we are not going to the gutter – at least not today.

When I think about Goldilocks I think about the concept “just right” – and where that concept applies for me.  One might assume that Goldilocks was a perfectionist with her need to have things be “just right”, but I think she was merely a young woman who knew her own mind and wasn’t willing to settle – at least when it applied to porridge, chairs and beds.  I am certainly no perfectionist, but I understand Goldilocks’ directive…in some things you cannot get to merely “good” or “close enough”…in some things you need “just right”.

I am thinking about Goldilocks today as Mike, Cheyenne and I spent the afternoon at the Mall of America and I concluded that with 520 stores the Mall of America was too big for me.  I likewise concluded that my budget was too small for a proper spending spree at the Mall of America.  The good news is that the company I had with me was “just right”.  So as far as days go – it was a good one because no matter what was too big or too small, the most important part was “just right”. That Goldilocks had it all figured out – I’m with her. 😉

Day eight hundred and three of the new forty – obla di  obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    And now everytime I see an ad for Mall of America, I’ll picture Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby (?) Bear strolling through, wearing their finest ‘just right’ priorities. And it will look like my kind of place.

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