Vanity As A Driver Of Safety?

I was a pitiful sight to behold this morning when I took Cheyenne to school.  No makeup, wet hair clipped up haphazardly, a pasty semi-green complexion and an outfit that looked like the room was dark when I got dressed- oh yes, I was quite the beauty.  Thankfully, I had big sunglasses at the ready and was able to slump down in the seat a bit for the short trip to and from Cheyenne’s school. 

Yes…I made the trip back and forth this morning without incident. Well, I say without incident, but there was something – my driving was at its highest level.  I know it sounds odd to hear that a sick person’s driving was representative of their best effort.  Indeed, it sounds odd to me…but it is true.  Which caused me to have to ask myself why my driving was at its highest level.  I pondered this for a moment and then it struck me…it was all about vanity.

I concluded that my subconscious must have registered that the ultimate insult to injury would have been (beyond being sick and all kinds of f-ugly this morning) to be stopped by an officer or to be in an accident in that state.  That would have been a traumatic ego injury that I may not have been able to survive – having to engage with others in such a state.  Heaven knows the West Fargo Police Department doesn’t deserve that fate.  So my vanity (the vanity that loathed to have others see me in such a pitiful state) prompted me to be a safer driver.

Until today I would not have thought that vanity would be a driver of safety.  I would have argued that vanity was behind women putting on makeup or men shaving while driving.  But I realize now that those behaviors are more about multi-tasking than vanity. 

So I learned something today, I may have felt and looked pretty pitiful but I was at least a damn good driver.  Amazing the power my vanity had over my focus on safety…of course, who knows how many accidents I may have caused while other folks were distratced looking at me and wondering to themselves, “OMG – what the heck happened to her?”  😉

Day eight hundred and eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C