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Today I offer three quick blog updates that I thought important to share.  I don’t get to do updates often, but these three warrant a revisit.

Re: In Nya’s shoes…

Cheyenne was as all a-buzz about the Long Walk to Water activity today.  She LOVED the experience.  KVLY ran a nice piece on the activity on tonight’s five o’clock news.  They interviewed STEM teacher Adam Gehlhar and some STEM students (of course they interviewed that cute little Max Adams – I predict his designation as a chick magnet in the future with that tousled blonde hair, charming smile and laid back persona).

As I understand from Jane Laux, the language arts teacher at STEM, Mr. Gehlhar read the book to his class last year and was the one who gave her the book to read to her class and planned the walk.  So bravo again to the STEM team for the incredible learning environment they foster at that school; and, a standing ovation to Mr. Gehlhar and Mrs. Laux for allowing the seventh graders to walk a mile in Nya’s shoes.

Re: Uh, sorry…there is no texting allowed from jail.

I heard from Lois, Lucille Vogt’s daughter.  Lucille died from her injuries when she was hit head-on by a distracted driver who was texting on her cell phone.  The 19 year old woman who killed Lucille (Kayla Carry) will serve a year in jail; unfortunately, Lucille’s family will suffer with her tragic loss forever.  In a blog comment Lois shared the following:

“I cannot agree with you more on the affects of distracted driving. Lucille was my Mother, and we all think about her and miss her everyday. This has changed our family forever. Being at her bedside and seeing her pass away from her injuries caused by this girl, is something I will never forget. I hope no one will have to go through this.”

I hope that folks who are still engaging in this terribly dangerous behavior will remember the loss Lois and her family have suffered and think twice before they put their selfish need to stay in constant communication with someone over another person’s physical well-being.  LOL loses its levity when it causes an accident…it’s time to get serious about the risks inherent in cell phone use and go hands-free in North Dakota and Minnesota like so many other states have.

Re: Can “sex” and “love making” be the same?

Even though the bonnet is off and the bee has left the building, I still am prone to extended rants about the sexism wrapped up in these terms and the definitional distinctions made between the two acts.  No one has forwarded on the definitional frames for the two terms yet – I am still waiting for information on how the activities differ in practice.  No video tapes or offers of one-on-one demonstrations please, just tasteful words that I can hang my hat on…or should I say bonnet? 😉

Day eight hundred and sixteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C