The Shopping Hotspot…

Well, apparently one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure…along with about a half dozen neighborhood boys.  The reclaiming of the garage from the abyss over the weekend created a pile of trash at the curb awaiting trash pick-up.  As you may recall from my blog Sunday, the items that we believed had the potential for additional life with others were taken to Dakota Boy’s Ranch.  The trash, that which we deemed of no continuing utility to others,  is what sits at the curb.  Yet, ever since the trash pile was set out it has been the shopping hotspot in the neighborhood.

At first it was the neighborhood boys searching through the collection and before you know it some of the women in the neighborhood had amassed around the pile.   Then the boys were back – they managed to find more treasures that they had missed the first go-around.  They find some treasures and then run off with their arms full of stuff as if they just looted a pirate’s treasure chest. 

I have to admit, I began to wonder what was so darn exciting in that pile.  This morning I went out and walked around the pile – staring into it half expecting to see some mistakenly discarded items that helped make sense of the whole trash scouring phenomenon – but there was nothing there but trash (at least in my eyes).

As I write this they are out there again with renewed interest digging away at the same pile that has held their attention for two days now.  Today they have discovered some old binders filled with FEMA course materials and are busily negotiating who gets what…I must say that makes the emergency management professional in me happy.  I have to wonder though what their parents say when they come home with all this stuff.  I would be chagrined as a parent to learn that the same kid who begged and pleaded until he got an expensive gaming system was now all a-flutter over the handle from a broken snow shovel and an old cardboard magazine holder.  I guess the whole fascination with and excitement over the trash is heartening on some fronts – it reminds me of the days when I was a kid and we made our own entertainment.  It never took much to create a big adventure – a few obscure items and lots of imagination.

So my trash apparently is full of treasures – who knew?  I may need to amass a glorious heap of trash more often as it apparently has quite the draw.  Party on kids – and be sure and read all that old FEMA material to your parents…if my trash can result in my neighbors’ preparedness then by all means, shop til’ you drop! 

Day eight hundred and twenty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms.  C

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  1. It wasn’t that long ago that my son would have been digging through the pile too! There’s something about a pile of trash that catches every boy’s attention. Some things never change!

  2. Barbara

    Oboy, does this bring back wonderful memories! Back in the late 40’s/early 50’s, two of my siblings plus a couple friends and I used to walk the mile and a half to the town dump to “rescue” things that others had not valued the way we thought they should have. At that time, people were very conservative about accumulating stuff in the first place and they recycled right at home the little stuff they had. When something hit the dump, it was truly trash. Still….to an imaginative kid there were such possibilities.
    We were warned about getting lockjaw from rusty metal, warned about rats (we always hoped to see one but never did). Mom would sigh and as soon as we lost interest in our treasures, back to the dump it went with our own garbage. Our most memorable find was a box of brand new grocery store receipts (for itemized handwritten lists), thrown away when the local grocer retired after 50 years and the store name changed. We played store with them for months.
    I envy and admire those rescuers of treasures from the Black Hole. (I’m betting they’ll someday rescue that pole and trapeze.)

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