Blame It On The Dunkel…

Sometimes when you travel “stuff” happens. That is undoubtedly the origin of the saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  Well, Vegas has got nothing on Toronto, because Toronto has David Black. And let me tell you folks, when you visit a city and spend an evening with one of the locals who understands how to entertain innocent visitors like me and my friend Valerie Lucus McEwen, well that part about “what happens in Toronto” becomes more salient.

But I have a camera, a blog and a seemingly never-ending desire to share my misadventures, so not much that I participate in ever “stays” where it began or ended…especially when it strikes my quirky personality as interesting enough to share. Sharing an evening with David and Val at an Irish pub full of personality and personalities was pretty much a given for post pub analysis in The New Forty.  Of course I offered complete disclosure upfront.  I told David and Val as soon as the Dunkel came into play that highlights of the evening’s events would be chronicled.

So, as I said, it all started with the Dunkel.  The moment Dunkel came out of David’s mouth the tone of the evening was set.  Dunkel is a dark lager made by a company named Denison’s Brewing Company.  David and Val were really happy to start our evening at the great neighborhood Irish pub we visited with Dunkel (I didn’t Dunkel – it just seemed like a bad idea for me and Dunkel to mingle).  So, we drank, we ate, we laughed, we harrassed our good-natured waiter who we renamed Guy…we enjoyed the ambiance of the comings and goings of the pub.

The pub is called The Ceili Cottage and is owned by Patrick McMurray.  David knows Patrick, so when Patrick came into the bar later we had an opportunity to visit with him.  Patrick seemed like a great guy – the kind of pub owner everyone wants to talk to and get to know.  Patrick’s card says he is a matchmaker and a publican.  I guess I can see the matchmaker role given Patrick’s personality and the laid-back feel within the pub, but I didn’t really understand what he meant by publican.  Apparently, the owner of a pub is a publican – go figure. 

If I lived in Toronto I would be at Patrick’s pub all the time.  The energy there is great. It is the kind of place that is uniquely what it is based on a combination of people, place and character.  And when you add Patrick…well it is a place without comparison.

Patrick had some fun with Val – which of course I captured on film (I am deliberate like that).  I took a few photos of them, but I offer my two favorites – the photo where they are laughing I think best captures the joy we found in our time there.

Thanks David for turning me and Val on to The Ceili Cottage, Patrick and Dunkel – it was a blast and I won’t forget all the fabulous conversation, laughs and mischief we enjoyed.  Until next time my friends I will remember our time together and as for our misadventures – well, I’ll blame it on the Dunkel.

Day eight hundred and twenty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C