The Manner Of Traveling…

Margaret Runbeck said, “Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”  I try and remember this – the fact that I can choose how to frame my world.  Sometimes I do forget…sometimes I travel in a less than positive frame that I allow others to create.  But always, I come back to the notion that I have all the power I need to frame my world.

I know it sounds like it is an overly simplistic view of life (or conversely an exaggeration of individual power); but, amazingly, when put into practice it actually works.  If one mentally chooses to dwell in happiness, one tends to do so.  This is not to say that they never get down or depressed.  It is to say that they direct their energy toward the positive and choose happiness.

And frankly, why the heck wouldn’t you choose happiness?  Who knowingly chooses despair? 

I believe when you view the framing of your world as a choice of your own making, you free yourself from being under the control of others.  I try and stay away from folks who tend to dwell in negativity – I don’t do dour well.  I don’t want to create unattractive frown lines.  If I have to have lines I want them to be laugh lines – each earned by many hours of merriment.  When I am surrounded by unhappy folks who are negative, I think about Barbara Streisand’s song Don’t Rain on My ParadeThat song always does the trick for me and reminds me that the manner of travel I choose is my own…and I choose happiness.

How will you travel? 😉

Day eight hundred and twenty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C