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Who doesn’t love a hero?  What else but admiration can you have for someone who swoops in to save the day?  The hero of the day for me is Jim Johnson who saved three very young kittens Friday who were being attacked by hornets. 

Amy Dalrymple’s story about Jim Johnson captures all the high drama of the rescue and the commitment with which Mr. Johnson pursued the cause of getting them out of harm’s way.  God love the man, he was himself stung multiple times by hornets (somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 stings) in his effort to save the kittens.  It seems Mr. Johnson is a cat lover and wasn’t about to allow the hornet attack on the kittens to be the end of them (albeit, one of the recued kittens did die on Saturday despite his best efforts). 

So now Johnson and his wife are taking care of the two remaining kittens who are only three weeks old and need to be hand fed with bottles.  They report that the two remaining kittens are getting stronger with each passing day.  The Johnsons plan to adopt them out to a good home (they want to keep them together).

image image image

These great photos are by David Samson of The Forum.    

This is the kind of article my mom would have cut out of the paper and mailed to me when she was alive.  She was always happy to supply confirmatory evidence that there were good people in the world willing to do right by God’s creatures.  I would get the newspaper clippings in the mail and be reminded that the world is full of good people that given the occasion would rise to the level of heroes.  That always made the animal lover in me happy.

Thank you Mr. Johnson for taking the time, energy and personal risk involved to save those kittens.  You may not be the type of hero that will get a commendation from the local police department, but you have undoubtedly been awarded the status of hero by thousands of pet lovers who will read your story – and by my mom, who I know would’ve cut out your story and sent it to me had she still been here with us. 😉

Day eight hundred and twenty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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