Opposable Thumbs…

As the world evolves, so too do we…and the products we use.  Most times, since the evolution is happening in real time with our lives we tend to gloss over the marvel in the evolution.  But not me – not today.

Today, while at TJ Maxx I saw a product of evolution that stopped me in my tracks.  It wasn’t that it was so profound a product that no one would have ever thought of it.  It was nothing awe-shattering – it was more a clear sign of our times that begged to be noticed.

The product was texting mittens.  Yes, texting mittens.  Now think about it…you have seen these type of mittens before.  You have seen the fingerless glove type that has a mitten section that goes over the fingers – they leave the fingertips exposed.  These though are marketed specifically as texting mittens.  They have a hole for the thumb that allows for full thumb exposure – all the better to text you with my dear.

I have to say – they are cute and very fuzzy mittens – that is what caused me to stop in the first place to look at them.  I was excited when I first approached them and realized they were Steve Madden mittens at the reasonable price tag of $12.99; then I saw the small tag that announced they were texting mittens.  I laughed out loud in the aisle – one of those you gotta’ be kidding me laughs.   

As I stood there pondering the savvy of Madden’s marketing and the stupidity of choosing texting over warm thumbs, others came around to examine the cozy looking mittens.  I was hoping someone would grab a pair to buy while I was there so that I could ask them whether they were getting them so that they could text outside while wearing them.  I wanted to get a first person narrative about how ingenious they were to the person who saw utility in them.  No such luck though…no one piled their cart high with the texting mittens.

They’ll sell though – I have no doubt.  It is our evolution after all – we text, therefore we are.  Now those who want to text outside during the winter will be able to do so without putting their other digits in harm’s way.  I just hope they remain sensible.  Those thumbs have value beyond texting and I would hate to see them freeze their opposoble thumbs off just to send a text message.  I am all for evolution, but evolution without opposable thumbs – no thank you. 😉

Day eight hundred and thirty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C