Grander Visions…

I had this bright idea on Thursday evening.  I thought that building a cat scratching post would be a nice little project for Mike and Cheyenne to do over the weekend.  I figured this would allow me to take care of some of the things I needed to take care of without having two bored folks staring at me expecting me to become more entertaining.  I thought my idea was brilliant – a project they could work on together that would result in an end product.  Plus, they could chat, bond, use power tools, expend creative energy and  channel their zany sense-of-humors (which when magnified by two is a lot for own woman to handle on her own).

I patted myself on the back for my igenuity and set them free to create.  Cheyenne and Mike discussed their ideas for designs and then Cheyenne went on Google Sketchup and drew it out in a 3D model.  I looked at the model after they had it all done.  It was already more than the standard cat scratching post, but it still looked like a sensible project.

On Saturday morning they were off to Menard’s to collect all the tools and supplies necessary to create their vision.  Upon their return, the building commenced.  I checked on their progress periodically as the day went on and was surprised at how big a project it was (mental note to those who create a 3D model – remember it may be difficult to accurately envision scale).

I learned a lesson from the cat scratch post project – Cheyenne and Mike have grander visions than I do of what can be.  The completed project is so much more than a cat scratch post – at least in my definitional framework.  I call it Cat City.

 We couldn’t put Cat City where the old scratch post was – it is too big.  It needed its own corner in the lower level of the house…with its size it may need its own zip code as well.  I think I should perhaps ask Cheyenne and Mike to build a new shed in the backyard next weekend…such a request may result in a small second home. 😉

As you can see, the two of them worked well together to create a great end product that was more about their collective vision than mine.  I can live with that.   I ended up with two content creators, happy cats and time to work on some things that needed my attention…all-in-all – pretty grand. 😉

Day eight hundred and thirty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Cat City is really quite artsy–I love it, and so would my cats, especially for those times when they get the Rips!

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