I Stand Corrected.

Well, it’s Saturday, October 22, and the world as we know it still exists.  It appears Harold Camping was wrong on his dates once again…at least somewhat.  I say somewhat because I did receive information from my dear friend Janna that prompts me to issue a formal correction regarding the validity of Camping’s prediction.

Below is an excerpt from Janna’s email:

“I did happen to catch your blog in the Forum about good old Harold Camping. (Yeah- we’re all a bit sick of camping….and not because of the mosquitoes.)

But I did want to tell you that he was nearly correct. This morning I woke up late and was racing through the morning trying to get the puppies ready and get me out the door since Don had left at 6AM (I didn’t even know there WAS such a time.) I took two steps out into the garage before I realized the horror of this morning and maybe Camping was right after all. I had a grey shirt on WITH BROWN SHOES! My shoes did NOT match my outfit! Ok- it is a Friday and I was REALLY tired and I had overslept and was in a hurry, but still, ME wearing shoes that don’t match my outfit. I’m told that IS the first sign of the Apocalypse.

You’ll be very happy to know that I did return to the house and exchange the offensive brown loafers for some pink sparkly monkey shoes. (The world just CAN’T end when I’m wearing pink sparkly monkey shoes. Even the forces of evil would be won over by pretty sparkly pink shoes with monkey faces on them and would decide the world is, after alll, a pretty good place and worth saving.)

So, I just wanted you to know that, say what you want about Camping…..apparently he DID have a premonition about the horror that ALMOST occurred. (It’s a good thing we were warned or I might have missed the whole mismatched shoes and outfit thing and I might have gone out into the world sporting the first sign of the Apocalypse.)”

So dear readers, I stand corrected.  Camping’s prediction apparently had more merit than I originally believed…I mean seriously, Janna in mismatched shoes and outfit – that would have signaled the beginning of the end. 😉

Day eight hundred and thirty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C


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