A Community Embrace…

It has been a very sad week in the West Fargo School District.  The death of 17 year old Eleni Wilson from a brain aneurysm permeated the district with the somber reminder that we never know how long we have with anyone.  Even though we all intellectually understand that, the loss of anyone so young is difficult to accept. 

I cannot imagine the anguish Eleni’s family and friends feel.  The sudden loss undoubtedly eclipses everything else.  My heart goes out to those who are suffering with Eleni’s loss – particularly her family.  I applaud their decision, even in their unimaginable grief, to donate her organs.  Their decision offers life and hope to other families and allows Eleni’s life to speak beyond her death.

I pray for Eleni’s family in the days, weeks, months and years to come.  I know that the loss of Eleni will be something they will have to learn to live with for the remainder of their lives.  I have been gratified though with the compassion and support shown to the family in the face of Eleni’s loss by the West Fargo School District and the larger community.  I know that must be comforting to the family; and, I am, as I often am, so proud to live in a community that cares so much about supporting and lifting up those who are hurting. 

Hug those you love a bit tighter and longer today – you never know when might be the last time you see them.  And remember to be thankful that you live in a place where a community is able to offer such a steady embrace during times of sorrow and strife.

God’s speed Eleni and a wish for solace to your family and friends as they move forward without you. 

Day eight hundred and forty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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