Cheyenne is busy tonight doing door answering/costume gushing/candy giving  – duty.  Somewhere along the line I lost my passion for the whole Halloween enterprise.  The whole going door to door thing for kids just doesn’t seem the same as it was when I was young (ummm, I mean young-er).  Of course, I was a kid back in those days and my directive was to amass the largest candy bootie possible in the shortest period of time.  These days I am the parent who has spent years worrying about whether some nut job is going to try and hurt my kids or give them tainted candy. 

Cheyenne is still a kid.  She spent the time and energy to dress up like a punk rock girl for her duties this evening.  She isn’t trick-or-treating, but she isn’t missing this opportunity to represent on Halloween.  She is working the pink hair and blue eye shadow while admiring one little darling trick-or-treater after another. 

Cooper (the big orange dog) is pretending to be Cujo this evening – barking like a crazed mad dog every single time a kid comes to the door.  He really gets riled up when the little ones ring the bell multiple times in quick succession.  I am starting to look and sound like an insane wild woman ready to come unhinged with the very next doorbell ring…unfortunately, this is not a costume – nor is it a Halloween performance.  My scariness can be viewed all year long under the right conditions.  All that is required is someone at the door and Cooper being conscious.  

All Cooper’s noise isn’t even registering with Cheyenne – of course she is a punk rocker and you know how that goes – lots of loud music and head-banging.  Perhaps I need to wear a pink wig and blue eye shadow so that I can do some head-banging.  My head-banging will be on the nearest wall – but at least I’ll be appropriately attired. 😉

Have a safe and happy Halloween all!

Day eight hundred and forty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Stan

    I hold onto Halloween with a death grip. It is the one time each year when I get to be that fantasy figure and not the ordinary shlub that i have become.

  2. Barbara

    Your Halloween sounds a lot like ours–we have a Terrier who thinks she’s a cross between a Rottweiler and any Hollywood drama queen (take your pick). Her bark is like a nail being driven through the skull. It never scares the little spooks, but my hands are shaking so that I can hardly dish out the treats.
    Why do we always look forward to this farce? 😀

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