Of My Own Accord…

If you would have told me a few months ago that I would be watching a Bison game on ESPN online on a sunny Saturday of my own accord, I would have told you that you were loopy.  I may have watched football on occasion in the past, but it has never been of my own accord.  I have simply been a secondhand beneficiary of someone else’s interest. 

Enter Mike, his love of the Bison, yet another Bison football player in one of my classes and a Bison season for the record books and here I am – watching the Bison on ESPN online…of my own accord.  Mike is in Bismarck today and yet the virus he gave me endures.  I now feel compelled to be able to track the Bison Football team’s progress. 

No one is more surprised by this phenomenon than I am.  I have never sought out ESPN before.  I am not even sure what ESPN stands for, but I am fairly sure the “S” stands for sports and the “N” stands for network.  Here are my guesses:

Excellent Sports Programming Network

Expensive Sports Promotional Network

Educational Sports Preferred Network

Engaging Sports Professional Network

Elemental Sports Perfunctory Network

Everything Sports Pleasure Network

Effervescent Sports Personality Network

Everyone’s Sports Participation Network

Existential Sports Performance Network

Extra Sports Plus Network

Elaborate Sports Party Network

Essential Sports Proliferation Network

I don’t really care what ESPN stands for ultimately.  I am just happy that I can jump online and catch the game live on their site.  I have been toggling between the game and my blog on commercials. Now it is half time and I think it behooves me to get off my fanny and do some chores.

I am happy that NDSU presently leads by 7 at half time (17-10), but concerned that one of our freshmen, Carlton Littlejohn was injured in play.  No news on how serious that injury is yet, but he was carried off the field to the announcers’ reminders of what a physically brutal sport football is.  Say a prayer for Carlton’s well-being (as a group of the Bison players did on the sidelines) and jump on ESPN online to watch the rest of the game and cheer on the Bison.   So says the girl who now watches of her own accord. 😉

Day eight hundred and fifty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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