Gentle Nudging…

I learned BIG news last weekend, but I was told to sit on it.  I was not allowed to tell a bunch of other folks, I was not allowed to post it on Facebook and I was told quite clearly that I was not to write about it in my blog.  So I sat on it…somewhat.  I had to tell a few family members lest I implode.  And then I told a couple of my colleagues who I knew wouldn’t rat me out for telling.  And of course I told Mike and Cheyenne.  But I didn’t post it on Facebook and I said nothing in my blog. I guess you could say I didn’t so much sit on the information as I sat next to it.

Now the embargo has been lifted and I am allowed to tell everyone and anyone I choose via whatever medium I choose.  So I am shouting it from the rooftops and into the blogosphere – MY DAUGHTER SARAH IS PREGNANT!!!!  Yes…finally…two years and hundreds of stick pins later I got to hear the words I have been begging to hear from Sarah for years. 

I am so thrilled for Sarah and Dusty.  After years of honing their parenting abilities on my grand dogs they finally decided to move to the next level.  And me – well, I have been waiting patiently for the moment when they decided they were ready to parent a human child. 

Well, patiently is probably not exactly the right word.  I have been accepting that they weren’t ready to take the big leap into parenthood begrudgingly.  I may have been gently nudging them over the years to take the leap.  Of course, that is my framing of my behavior.  I think if you ask Sarah and Dusty they may have mistakenly taken my gentle nudging as my single-minded, all-encompassing directive.  You know, sometimes I really do feel misunderstood.

But it matters not now how we arrived at this point, the importance lies in the fact that we are here – PREGNANT.  All is right with the world and joy abounds throughout the family that the eldest child and grandchild in the family is going to experience the joys of parenting; to include the terrible twos, the teenage years and yes – the years of waiting for an adult child to finally reproduce.  But hey, I am not bitter. 😉

Regular readers know that I am already a “glamma” (I may indeed be “grand” but when I hear “grandma” the mental image does not jive with my self-image – so I do what I can to save myself from spending money on therapy – hence glamma – I am okay with putting the glam in grand parenting).  I have two beautiful grandchildren – Noah, Jr. and Cortney – in Canada.  I don’t get to see them enough which wears on a glamma’s heart.  Noah, Jr. and Cortney are the primary reason for my intrigue and interest in autism (see My Heart is on the Spectrum).  I can’t wait for Noah, Jr. and Cortney to have a little cousin to love.

I must say though – now that Sarah is pregnant – that I do feel that the universe has acknowledged my dedicated nudging efforts.  You see,  Sarah’s due date is July 8, 2012 only a few days away from my July 5 birthday.  What are the odds???? Believe what you will, but I believe the universe is intent on rewarding me with the best birthday gift ever. 

Not that I will have to wait for this birthday gift; oh, no – I will have Sarah jogging around the block on July 4th  and I will be having a brand new grand baby on my birthday.  What??  Too much?? Gentle nudging people, that is all it is. 😉

Day eight hundred and fifty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Paul E. Cline

    Congratulations. I am on grand child # 2. Don’t tell my son, but there are quit a few times that I like what he produces better then him. 🙂

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