Does The Carpet Match The Drapes?

I read Prevention magazine.  I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking I lead a wild, crazy life – or something like that.  I like Prevention magazine because it contains tidbits on a myriad of things that I might never think to ask about, but after-the-fact am glad I know.

One of my favorite things this month is a response to a reader’s query.  The reader’s query was: “I found my first “down there” gray hair. Is it safe to use my regular hair dye to cover it up?”

Well, of course the immediate response from the Prevention editors was to pluck out the gray offender.  I mean seriously…who considers a dye job in such a sensitive area for one hair?  Perhaps the writer of the question (the possessor of the gray hair “down there”) believes that old wives tale that each plucked gray hair will result in three more; or, perhaps the notion of tweezing in that area is overwhelming to her (that could hurt I imagine).

The folks at Prevention told her she could use regular hair dye to rememdy the problem, but (and it was a fairly big but) it could cause irritation, itching, result in redness, and loss of hair.  Yikes!  Imagine explaining that to your significant other as you are itching, blotchy, balding, and irritated – it wouldn’t be pretty.

Never fear though, the folks at Prevention know the solution to this delicate situation.  The solution is Betty Beauty.  Betty Beauty sells a dye made especially for “the hair down there.” Betty offers a variety of colors such as brown, black, auburn and blonde as well as more exotic colors such as pink, blue, red and purple.  In addition, Betty offers the hairless option and stencils you can use to create cute designs in your hair “down there.”

Apparently Betty is all the rage.  I guess I can see why.   Beyond those women who want to banish gray hair or have fun, party-colored “down there” hair, there are those who must see Betty as the opportunity to make sure that the carpet matches the drapes.  Men are often fixated on such things and I think they have made women incredibly sensitive to it.  In my estimation men should just be happy they get invited to see the carpet and stop playing interior designer.  Who wants it all to be so matchy-matchy anyway?

So, if you are looking for a little color in your life – don’t use hair dye, use Betty.  For $15 you can live vicariously as a blond, brunette, purple vixen or playful pinkie.  You can even make the whole affair up in the shape of a heart, lightning bolt, lips or a dollar sign.

Thank you Prevention once again for teaching me something that I might have never asked about, but am now glad to know.  I might just try some Betty – I have always wanted to have pink hair.  😉

Day eight hundred and fifty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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