Dumb as a box of rocks or daredevils?

In the past week I have twice seen a large group of wild turkeys meandering around residential neighboorhoods in West Fargo.  Not being a North Dakota native and having very limited experience with wild turkeys, I cannot evaluate fairly whether this public meandering just weeks before Thanksgiving indicates that they are dumb as a box of rocks or daredevils.

I mean really – they aren’t petite turkeys and they don’t appear to possess the ability to sprint – don’t they worry that some folks may look at them and think they are a viable option for Thanksgiving dinner?  Well, that is my curiosity.  Do these turkeys have the intelligence to appreciate the potential risk?  Or are they just out on a field trip oblivious to their poor timing?  Perhaps they don’t realize that they are in North Dakota – the land of the rugged people – where they actually like to kill their own food. 

Or are they daredevils tempting fate?  Is this the turkey version of Fear Factor?  Do they dare each other to take radical risks for the thrill of it?  Do they purposely go and visit the houses that have an old Ford pickup with a gun rack parked in the driveway?  Are they actually titillated at the thought that they were able to spend an hour eating and another hour pooping in the yard of the guy who already has his turkey smoker out?

I wonder about those turkeys.  I really do want to know if I should try and protect them from their own stupidity or chastise them for their reckless risk taking.  I guess I should first inquire as to whether they are aggressive when confronted because I am not a daredevil and I am least smart enough to know when I need to evaluate risk. ;-)

Day eight hundred and fifty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

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2 Responses to Dumb as a box of rocks or daredevils?

  1. Stan says:

    My understanding is that during turkey hunting season that little pea brain kicks in and they are impossible to find and must be called with artificial calls and using decoys. The rest of the year you can’t chase them away. I saw a vid a couple days ago of two guys walking out of the woods with what looked like a hundred birds behind them. I will keep on looking.

  2. Stan says:

    And yes they can get aggressive, when they spread their tail feathers and puff up the rest they look real big. They also advance all at once, gets pretty scary.

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