Her pediatrician…

Cheyenne has had the same pediatrician since birth.  It was her pediatrician who discovered when she was just days old that she had a heart murmur that needed attention.  It was her pediatrician that spent time with us through the years asking Cheyenne about what she was doing in school, what books she was reading, and cautioning her use of trampolines and other items known to be top reasons for injury and death in children.  It was her pediatrician that asked me at every visit if I had any other concerns I’d like to discuss.  It was her pediatrician that we trusted to provide us with all the necessary information and to guide us in the right direction with health care decisions.  It was her pediatrician that soothed any fears and addressed any concern with his quiet, thoughtful persona and that Santa-like twinkle in his eye.  It was her pediatrician that served as a model for what I wished all of my other children’s pediatricians were; and, for what I wanted for other children and parents.  It was her pediatrician that we will miss and are thinking of today with the news of his death. 

Dr. David Blehm you were a phenomenal pediatrician.  Thank you for the attention, comfort and care you provided my family as Cheyenne’s doctor.  We will not forget you.

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3 Responses to Her pediatrician…

  1. Barbara says:

    Like losing a member of the family. So sorry for your loss.

  2. Kristy says:

    I was and am still in shock with the news of his death! He was my children’s pediatrician while we lived in the area and the doctors we have had since I always compare to him because of the attention and care he provided my children as well as us.
    He will be truely missed!

  3. Mamie Phillips says:

    He was the best pediatrician my 4 children have ever seen. I felt that he cared very deeply for each of them and always took the time to make them feel special. He will be missed.

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