What Happens In Vegas…

It used to be said, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” These days what happens in Vegas stays on Facebook and in Google search long after the fleeting stupidity you enjoyed in the moment.  In my case, what happens in Vegas stays on my blog.  My friends, family and colleagues all know that about me. They are apprised of the risk involved in hanging out with me.

Last night was my first night in Vegas. I realized upon arriving at the airport that there were some difficult choices to make. 









My roomie Mary didn’t get to the hotel until about 7:30.  I waited dutifully for her arrival  to go out and survey the goings-on in the Rio (like the good citizen I am).  If you don’t recall from years past, Mary is a troublemaker.  She loves to encourage my bad behavior and then when I get in trouble she acts like she is completely innocent.   She really does know how to sell that whole innocent thing…I always appear guilty as sin.

An indication of the direction the week will go in – Mary brought me a bag of colorful novelty candy shaped like a male body part.  Yes, they are what you are thinking they are.  Never believe for a minute that she is innocent!

While we were out in the Rio last night looking for a good place to eat we ran into my pal Val, her sister Debbie, and their new friend Tom.  Tom is a retired firefighter out of Buffalo who now works for FEMA.  Val and Debbie had adopted him at the bar.  Tom didn’t want any of my special Mary candy.  Tom told us that he is manning a booth in the display area…according to him, he is the most engaging and the adorable one in the group (he says the rest of his colleagues are geeks).  I will check this out and report fully when the display area opens so that you all can weigh in.

Val was flustered last night as she had lost her wallet earlier in the day and had to elicit the help of an influential stranger at the Rio.  Her wallet was eventually turned in last night, but not until many hours later (so far, it looks like she dropped it on the ground and it went undetected – hence no one used her cards).  It started Val’s conference experience with a bang to be sure. 

How did she lose her wallet in the first place?  Well, she has cognitive impairment…or so says Prudential.  After she applied for long term care insurance, the company called her to do a cognitive test over the phone.  At the time they called, Val had construction folks crawling all over her house, was frazzled and had to seclude herself in an upstairs bathroom to even be able to hear and chat.  The cognitive test included lists of items that Val had to hear and then list back…yeah, that didn’t go too well.  So, Val failed and Prudential concluded she is cognitively impaired.  They denied her coverage.  Now my cogntively impaired friend is on a mission to redeem herself.  Then she lost her wallet…we won’t mention that to Prudential. 😉

Stay tuned…the week is young…Mary is plotting…Val is seeking cognitive reassurance…and me…well, for now – I am innocent. 😉

Day eight hundred and fifty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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