Wild Fig Extract

The shampoo at the Rio boasts that it contains wild fig extract.  I wonder about this.  What is so fabulous about fig extract and is wild fig extract somehow even more powerful?  I am not sure why wild fig extract is in the shampoo.  Is it for the aroma or shine assistance or flyaway taming qualities?  If it is aroma does that mean Fig Newton fans will now be unnaturally attracted to me?  I can see it now…a whole legion of Fig Newton lovers seeking to be close to me and never being able to completely understand why.  Well, of course it will be the wild fig extract…it is after all the rare WILD fig.

You may wonder when I find the time to ponder such things with all the activities going on here in Las Vegas at the IAEM Conference.  Truth be told, I have accomplished all my critical missions for the day so far and have a whole hour free until my next obligation.  Plus my evening plans are already all laid out and they are fabulous!  First a mixer with colleagues and then an evening with the Chippendale gentlemen. 

Yes, that is correct.  I will be in the front row this evening at the Chippendales’ show with my girls.  I expect there will be some wild hootin’ and hollerin’  -not to mention some vivid memories to take home with us.  I have to tell you, I am secretly hoping that the Chippendale men are big fans of Fig Newtons. 😉

Day eight hundred and sixty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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