The VooDoo Lounge

My brother told me when I was visiting him in California last about a great rooftop bar in the Rio.  When my brother talks about great bars it is important to ask him to define “great” as historically the word has been known to be definitionally tied to two different characteristics – ambiance or action. 

When I first went to the VooDoo Lounge on the 51st floor of the Rio it was for a private social event put on by one of the consulting firms.  That night I was sure my brother was talking about ambiance when he said it was great.  The view of Vegas can only be called breathtaking and the whole set-up is geared toward a casual cool.  The ambiance was – in a word – great.

The second time I went to the VooDoo Lounge was with my gal pals last evening after a night of hootin’ and hollerin’ (and some pantin’ and droolin’) at Chippendales.  A tip for those who plan to go in the future – if you want to have the Chips have maximum engagement with you – sit where I did as it is in the perfect location (front row, section 3, aisle seat nearest the middle section). Chippendale patrons receive free entrance to the VooDoo Lounge after the show…very shrewd marketing I think (a bunch of over heated women does seem to have its appeal in the bar scene).  Chippendales was wild and set the tone for the night. Some of the girls took photos outside the theater (some of us also had our photo taken with the dancers for the cool cost of $20 each- but, yeah…it was TOTALLY worth it). 😉


Last night I was fairly sure that my brother was talking about action when he said the VooDoo Lounge was great.  The place was packed with drinking, dancing, fun-loving folks – folks like me and my girls.  I was surprised the VooDoo Lounge was so busy on a Monday, but this is Vegas so I guess there are no down days as far as party mode goes.  It was wicked fun. 

I strongly recommend the VooDoo Lounge – it is a great bar – no matter how you define great. 😉

Day eight hundred and sixty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C