My Accountability Partner

Today a gentleman named Dan Seidman spoke at the conference about eliminating excuses regarding the things you do or do not do in your life.  Dan suggested that you have an accountability partner that could help keep it real and call you out on excuses.  He said it should not be a life partner or spouse. 

I sometimes make excuses.  As Dan tells it, we all do.  The point is to stop allowing excuses to interfere with the life you could or should be living.  I asked Mary (my friend and Vegas roomie) to be my accountability partner.   After all, look how many excuses she helped me blow past this week in Las Vegas.  There was no acceptable excuse for missing Chippendales or for partying at the VooDoo Lounge into the wee hours.  There was also no acceptable excuse for avoiding any fun opportunity that presented itself or dancing with abandon. 

Mary is a fabulous accountability partner…I have all but eliminated excuses from my life while I have been in Vegas.  She has been such a constant source of encouragement. 😉

Day eight hundred and sixty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C