My Poker Face…

After my gal pals and I went to the Chippendales show in Vegas this past week, we went to the Chippendales Boutique to buy some souvenirs (they wouldn’t allow us to take any of the dancers home with us as a souvenir – they have rules against that).  I purchased a number of items at the boutique – one of which was playing cards.  The pack was sealed, so I really had no idea what I was getting.  My thought was that the cards would be a fairly innocuous way to remember the experience with a functional item.

Well, let me tell you…that is no ordinary deck of cards.  Indeed, even though it has all the necessary makings of a regular card deck – it is not really functional.  I mean seriously…how am I to maintain a poker face when I am looking at these?

To be honest, it took a few times through the deck for me to even notice that they had numbers and suits.  I don’t even think I would have the wherewithal to play a simple game like Go Fish! with this deck.  I think that would require an attention level I would be unable to maintain.  I may be able to play a game like solitaire with these cards, but heaven knows how many days that would take. 😉

So, if you go to Chippendales and you buy the playing cards, know that you’ll always have a winning hand, but you’ll be hard-pressed to maintain a poker face.  Unless your poker face is a silly, wistful grin (like the one I get when looking at them and flashing back to the dancers’ moves)…if you can still bluff when these boys are in your hot little hand you are a better poker player than I am. 😉

Day eight hundred and sixty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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