Now That Really Is Some “junk” In Your Trunk!

This is one for the SERIOUSLY??!! file.  I feel obliged to share items like this with you dear blog readers just in case you missed this when scanning the news of the world.

It appears that a man, who identifies himself as a woman, who was posing as a doctor, injected a woman’s buttocks with cement, mineral oil and flat-tire sealant.  The woman was seeking a curvier body at a price she could afford and a friend recommended this “doctor” who promised to deliver some serious junk to her trunk. Well, she delivered the junk alright and the poor woman has since had to have surgery to address the toxic injections she was given.

Take a good look below at Oneal Ron Morris, 30, the man who identifies himself as a woman and who posed as a doctor.  What immediately pops out at you in that photo?


I can see why someone might think this man/woman/doctor had some knowledge of curvy – clearly her trunk is a full-blown junkyard.  But a doctor, really?  I know this happened in Miami and things may be a little different in Miami than in good ol’ sensible Fargo, North Dakota, but I have to wonder where the patient’s common sense was.  If the woman’s health had not been put in such jeopardy this would be laughable…alas, her health was in jeopardy and authorities now suspect there are others who have been given the same type of injections by this man/woman/doctor who may be too embarrassed to seek treatment.

This story is a valuable reminder that in all things, the world is increasingly ruled by the adage – “buyer beware.”  This is probably all the more pressing when it comes to someone injecting junk in your trunk…especially when the “doctor” is a junkyard queen.  😉

Day eight hundred and sixty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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