The Chosen One…

I received an email that informed me that I had been chosen.  Chosen…me…out of how many others…me -chosen. Wow.   

The email subject line said, “Congrats! You’ve been Chosen to Test & Keep Cooking Products!”  Me-chosen. Wow.

I was immediately reminded of another time I was chosen.  That time I was chosen to test fishing gear.  Me-chosen. Wow.

The Cooking Club of America must not know me…just like the Fishing Club clearly didn’t know me.  The only kind of cooking equipment I want to test and keep is a chef (and if it is a super cute chef I’ll even pay shipping and handling).  As for fishing gear – only if it helps me fish for a compliment.

But still, I was chosen. Me-chosen. Wow. 

For future reference though I feel obliged to share with marketing companies across America that the only products I am likely to test and keep as a chosen one are:

1) Husbands;

2) Shoes;

3) Clothing; and,

4) Chocolate.

If you are not trying to market any of the above items, you may want to choose someone else. As much as I like being the chosen one, I doubt I am the demographic selection you are seeking.  But again, if you have that cute chef ready for a trial run Cooking Club of America I will happily pay for overnight shipping. 😉

Day eight hundred and seventy-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C