It is that time of year again.  Time for Cheney Middle School’s 7th Grade Orchestra’s Holiday Concert.  The STEM students (of which Cheyenne is one) are part of Cheney’s 6th, 7th and 8th grade orchestra program and each grade performs about a half hour show twice a year.

I have been impressed since I attended Cheyenne’s first concert last year.  I would have never believed going in that the practice sessions I heard at home would have contributed to such a lovely performance.  I don’t think I was alone on that either as other parents looked equally surprised at the quality of the collective sound.  Cheyenne is now in 7th grade and the pieces she plays are longer and more difficult.  The 7th grade orchestra’s performance this evening featured six pieces that I am sure were the result of many, many hours of individual and collective practice.  The evidence of that practice was in the music – the beautiful sound – that told a piece of a composer’s story with each note.

I do so love orchestra music.  The ability an orchestra has to capture and intonate emotion through a composition is so magical.  I do believe it must have been an orchestra that soothed the proverbial savage beast.

I am so proud to have Cheyenne participate in such an effort.  I don’t know if she’ll play viola forever, but I am happy for every moment she commits to it.  It is a noble undertaking to bring to life notes on a page…one might even say it is “note-worthy.” 😉

A thousand thank yous to Mrs. Suzanne Larson and to the new orchestra teacher, Ms. Lindsay Schwartz, for all the hard work they put into building a love and appreciation for music in these kids.  There has to some wildly good karma for folks who work with hundreds of young musicians each year and are able to produce the quality of output they do.  To bring the gift of music to a kid’s life and to allow them to be part of something bigger than themselves that brings joy to others is the equivalent of putting glitter on their souls.  Thank you for making my child sparkle ladies. 😉

Day eight hundred and seventy-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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