Sean Alexander Dacus

A 31 year old veteran committed suicide Tuesday outside Altru Hospital in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  He was a member of the 10th Mountain Family – he had served two tours in Iraq in his early twenties.   The veteran’s name – Sean Alexander Dacus.

Sean’s funeral service is tomorrow, Saturday, at 2 PM at the Amundson Funeral Home.  You can view Sean’s obituary and sign his guestbook here.  I hope every single person who reads this blog will write an entry in Sean’s guestbook thanking him for his service and offering condolences to his family.  I also hope those of you on Facebook will pay your respects on the memorial page created in his memory.

When you are done, email Congressman Berg and Senators Conrad and Hoeven (I have linked their email contact forms here for your ease).  Tell them that the travesty of veteran suicide is one that you demand they address.  Remind them that the data shows that there are 18 veteran suicides a day – EVERY DAY.  Tell them that veterans need more services to address the trauma of war…that our veterans deserve better.

Sean was a young man that served our country honorably and he had his whole life ahead of him.  His loss is an unacceptable one. 

I am the mother of a 10th Mountain disabled veteran.  I know some of the traumas these soldiers have suffered.  I understand why they are anguished.  I have heard the stories of many veterans over the past year and I have become sickened by the neglect they have suffered at the hands of their government.  I have become outraged as one veteran suicide after another receives only a passing blurb from legislators and government about the fact that we need to do more for veterans.

Tomorrow it could be your son or daughter…your spouse…your father or mother…your brother or sister…your uncle or aunt…your cousin…your friend…your high school buddy…your colleague.  Tomorrow 18 familes will lose a veteran to suicide.

Please use your voice and your vote to help stop this epidemic.  Visit my Veteran Suicides – America’s Shame blog site or visit the Veteran Suicides Facebook page for more information on this topic.  Don’t let another day pass without taking a stand on the need for more comprehensive veteran services…the bodies are piling up, as are the broken hearts.

Thank you for your service Sean…may you rest in peace.

Day eight hundred and seventy-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Kevin

    No one can know what that poor kid went through. No one should ever hold anything against him for taking his own life. We all have our own issues. Never ever anyone hold anything against anyone that takes their own life. We can not know what they went through till we “walked a mile in their own moccosins”

  2. Barbara

    Perfectly said, Kevin. And thank you, Ms. C for bringing this heartbreaking story to our attention. Multiplying that story times 18 times every day that passes is not to be silently tolerated or forgotten while we watch the feel-good reunions on tv (lovely as they are to see).

  3. Kevin

    Hello Barbara,
    You know I have been making these sort of statements for a few years now. And the “big evil thought that someone took their own life” has really changed in the last few years. Its really amazing to me that people no longer think the person is “crazy” I have made it very clear in my life, I have had severe burns twice in my life, the latter 30% of my body, and I WILL NEVER GO THRU THAT PAIN AGAIN. People just give me a bad look…you just dont understand the pain from a burn…or the after affects. I may not understand what this fine young man went thru, but I will never judge him for doing what he did. Same as Cassidy Andel, I will never look down on what she did, nor anyone else that took their own life. This man looked out for all of us, so anyone that looks down on us, remember he took his own life, for ALL OF US. He gave the ultimate price. What he went thru, I will never know, what he went thru, I will never understand….WHY??????? cause I have never been there.

    1. Barbara

      I’m so sorry if my post sounded as though I condemn those who take their own lives. I understand that situation all too well because my mother made that choice after suffering unbelievable pain for 32 years. What I do find intolerable is the lack of help for our veterans who have mental issues (PTSD) and seek help that too often just isn’t there. In a situation such as the severe burns you mentioned, I can’t imagine the agony that one would feel the need to escape.

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