Two Paws Up!

Partnerships – a combining of talents, energy, thoughts and efforts to accomplish a goal. 

Simple concept…used everyday in a hundred different ways.  Sometimes partnerships are created to meet our individual needs, sometimes they are created to create business solutions, and sometimes they are created for the good of society.  In my field, emergency management, partnerships are integral to our success.  We partner to ensure that we can bring the right resources and expertise to bear in any given situation.  It just makes good sense and it heightens the potential success of our mission.

I was delighted today to read about a partnership here in the Fargo-Moorhead area between two non-profit animal rescue organizations and NDSU’s Vet Tech program.  The vet tech program partners with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue and Cat’s Cradle to provide medical care to rescues.  This partnership benefits the organizations, the students and the animals – what is not to love?

I give two paws up to Charlie Stoltenow, director of NDSU’s program, and Sarah Wagner, the program’s chief veterinarian for integrating this service into their program.  As a land grant institution, NDSU does have a strong service to community mission; but, I think sometimes folks forget how many valuable resources we have at the university in the form of faculty, researchers, staff and students.  The brain power, commitment, and wherewithal at NDSU to contribute to our community, be it a local, regional, national or international community – is expansive. 

I am gratified that 4 Luv of Dogs and Cat’s Cradle thought to partner with NDSU – both for what it offers their organizations and the animals and for what it offers the program – hands-on experience, real world validation of the need for such services, and an ability to contribute to their community.  It is a partnership that is a natural fit for an institution such as NDSU. 

So – BRAVO – all the way around to the folks that saw the utility in this partnership.  I hope it serves as a reminder to others in the community who are looking to meet goals to look at the potential resources and expertise that a partnership with NDSU has to offer.  😉

Day eight hundred and eighty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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