How About Them Bison??

Today, I have to give NDSU’s Football Team its due. 

How about them Bison?! 

They are having a fabulous season; and, as a person who is essentially still in her infancy as an engaged supporter I am thinking that I came to the field at just the right time.  They have been on fire all season and with every win the excitement ratchets up exponentially and further fuels the question – “Could they emerge on the top of the heap?”

This is big news – and big money.  College football – and particularly, college football done well – is more rabidly supported than the professional leagues.  The allegiance to college teams is so much more raw and determined…so much more tied to pride in community and regions than the professional teams.  The college teams may possess less polish than the professional teams, but often they more outwarly display the expansiveness of potential that makes everyone want to sit down and join in on the cheering.  There is a sense that football at the college level is more about heart than money (at least for the players).  Yet we know that successful college football programs are worth their weight in gold for the colleges (and when we are talking football players weight in gold – we are talking some serious gold). 

NDSU’s football program is looking good.  It is increasingly garnering national attention.  I may be a babe in the woods as far as football knowledge goes, but even I know that this is a good thing for the university, the community and the region.  So, by all means Bison Football – keep up the good work! 

And from our little corner of the world – the Emergency Preparedness class at NDSU this Fall – a special shout out to our boy Paul Cornick who has been having a great final season with the team.

I imagine other players are not too happy to see Paul all suited up in their personal space, but we get a kick out of him in class.  Far and away, my favorite mental image of Paul is captured in this photo with his group for the duck PSAs they had to do in class.  It reminds me that he is much more than part of the Bison Football machine – he is also a college student who is trying to work his way through his studies and a myriad of school-related expectations (like photos and PSAs with ducks). 😉  In all the excitement of NDSU’s winning streak I try and remember that all the team members are like Paul – there is more to them and their lives than just football…but still, today, after yet another big win I must confess I am one of the first to say, “How about them Bison?!”  😉

Day eight hundred and eighty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C