Day-in And Day-out.

If you have just stumbled upon The New Forty you may not have yet realized that this is a daily blog.   By that I mean that every day since my first day of blogging here on Area Voices I have created a blog post.  Today marks day eight hundred and eighty-two of The New Forty.  I don’t always post my blog at the same time daily, but I always post a blog each day. 

In the earlier days of my blog, when I would travel or have activities with friends and family and insist upon taking time to write my blog, folks would sometimes get a bit miffed and question the rationale for writing every single day.  They would wonder why I spent such dedicated time on an activity that was unpaid and not required of me.  These days, most everyone that knows me recognizes that it is as normal and necessary a part of my daily routine as my morning coffee intake is.  This blog has become a part of me over time – a part of me that I value a great deal.

My brother once asked me how long I intended to continue my blog.  He queried whether I had a predetermined amount of days that I wanted to hit or a specific end point in mind.  My response was that I will do it until I don’t want to do it any longer.  That was about 500 days ago. 

These days it is difficult to imagine a time when I wouldn’t allow myself the luxury of blogging – I have become so selfish like that.  I say selfish because I write this blog primarily to feed my soul.  At this point, longtime readers may choke on their Egg McMuffin while they laugh out loud at the notion that I am feeding my soul when writing about some of the absolutely ridiculous things I choose to blog about; but, it is in the writing and the extension of self that my soul is nourished. 

The topics that I blog about are as expansive as life itself – the thread that weaves through them all though is me and my perspective on this life as it continues to unfold before me.  I must say that having arrived in the new forty I have become both more irreverent and more thoughtful – it is what I believe is a paradox of aging.  With age and maturity (and yes, I use that term quite lightly) one understands more what deserves levity and what requires reflection.  I think it is this paradox that causes younger folks to think that with age comes a certain disregard for social mores; but, in truth, it is not a disregard – it is a wisdom of sorts about what really matters.

I have had an opportunity to make the acquaintance of many lovely folks as a result of my blog.  People I have never met, but who I have become pen pals of sorts with (and for those of you who are too young to know the term “pen pals” – well, Google it). 😉  It is an interesting phenomenon that my blog has allowed me to get to know so many folks that I might never have had a chance to interact with – some who I have come to really care about and seek counsel from.  I feel quite blessed on that front as I increasingly recognize as I get older that the greatest satisfaction in life is to be found not in one’s accomplishments, but in one’s relationships.

So, you’ll see me here – day-in and day-out – until I grow too tired or become unable to blog anymore.  Some day, I may have to revisit the name of my blog – but I have a good 2,700+ more days before I have to seriously concern myself with that. 😉

Day eight hundred and eighty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C


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  1. Barbara

    Day-In And Day-Out….Crikey, I think we have the start of a new Neil Diamond philosophic song here! “Day-in and day-out, It’s what we’re ALL all about…”
    That being said (quite seriously, actually), The New Forty is one of the most self-affirming things I’ve read EVER. And who wouldn’t love that? Every TNF post tells me that whatever sidetrack I’m spending my day on, I’m not alone there, even on those days when my mind has a mind of its own.
    Tell your brother that you don’t believe in endings.

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