Her Home Is Her Palace.

I love Robin Allebach’s attitude.  Her home is her palace and her palace is 324 square feet.  Robin has one of those little square houses I love so.  Tammy Swift of The Forum wrote a lovely article about Robin today.  The article focused on the size of Robin’s house, but reiterated a message that really resonates with me – sometimes more is just more.

Robin has lived a big life and has lived in more spacious places, but when she saw the little square house in Moorhead she found it to be just what she needed.  Robin summed up her perspective by saying,  “Why do we always think bigger is better? I’m at a time in my life where I’m just not into stuff. I’d rather put my energy into my friends, my interests, traveling…I just want to enjoy the moment. This is a palace.” 

Here is a photo of Robin in front of her little square house that was taken by Dave Wallis of The Forum.  Doesn’t she look happy and content?  There is such a powerful message in her story that I think we need to keep reminding ourselves of as we struggle to live lives that have become burdened and controlled by stuff.  Simply put, the message is to do more living and less accumulating of stuff.  Somewhere along the line marketing folks convinced us that life would not be complete if we didn’t have a big house filled with expensive furniture and equipped with all the latest technology.  Somewhere along the line we became confused about what matters most.  But not Robin – she gets it…her home is her palace precisely because she gets it.  She understands that her home gives her all she needs and that more space or stuff is not necessary for a fulfilling life. 

Thanks for the reminder Robin about the magic of little square houses.  Your palace may be small in size, but it is clearly filled wall-to-wall with heart and one fabulously big personality.  😉

Day eight hundred and eighty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C