A Missing Family Member…

For many weeks I have seen signs posted around our community (West Fargo/Fargo) about a missing Sheltie.  Every time I see one of the signs I say aloud to Cheyenne, “I wonder if they found that Sheltie – that poor family.”  From the number of signs I saw around town, it was clear to me that the Sheltie’s family was intemtly focused on bringing their pet home. It is heartbreaking to lose a pet, especially when your pets are like family members.   I recognize that not everyone thinks like this, but as a person who understands the depths of the bonds between pets and people I can appreciate the angst a lost pet causes.

Last night on Facebook one of my friends posted a plea to help a family from Linton, North Dakota find their treasured pet and family member – Riley.  Riley is a beautiful male Siberian Husky.  His family suspects that someone came along and stole him.  He has been missing for over a month.  I share the Facebook plea from Riley’s family below with hope that perhaps someone who reads this blog will be able to offer some insight into Riley’s whereabouts.

I’m stretching out for help and hoping someone seen our missing dog. We believe… he was stolen from our farm early Monday morning, November 7th. A white pickup was suspicious as it was moving slowly and hanging out near our farm. We have so many deer & pheasant hunters from ND & MN traveling our countryside at this time of the year & so many give us compliments on how pretty he is!! Riley is 2 1/2 yrs. old and he has never has left our yard before. He was last seen on Monday morning, November 7th on our farm. Disappeared rather quickly! He is a male, Siberian Husky. Riley is a very friendly dog and would ride along with anyone if offered! He was wearing a camouflage collar with his blue ID tags with his rabies tags. Riley has bi-colored eyes:One blue eye & one brown eye. We love this dog and he is a huge part of our FAMILY!! He belongs to us! Riley is a very loved pet of ours! If anyone sees him, give us a call…WE miss this dog so much!! He has a Great home and a Great life with us!!
Spread the word. Hopefully, he will be found soon!!
~~Riley, Please Come Home to Us!
Rita Mosset:rjmosset@bektel.com
Linton, ND 58552

If you have information about Riley please contact Rita.  It would be lovely if this family could be reunited with their beloved missing family member.  Pets are not property that can be easily replaced when stolen.  This dog has a home.  If you took him mistakenly believing he was without a home, now is the time to make sure he gets back to where he belongs. 

Day eight hundred and eighty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Amy

    Keep us updated on this please. I lost my dog for a few hours once (he went out to socialize with the neighbor’s kids) and it was miserable. I was a crying wreck until I found him, playing with another dog and some kids down the street. I immediately had him microchipped.

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