It Was Me.

I believe in owning my actions.  On Friday, as I was leaving the TJ Maxx parking lot, there was a man and woman in a car in front of me that had an unrestrained baby in the car.  The middle-aged man was in the front seat, a much younger woman was in the backseat,  and she was alternately holding the baby up in front of her or on her lap as they traveled.  By my best estimate the baby was four to five months old (the baby was adorable I might add – of course what baby isn’t adorable??).  At first, I thought that perhaps the man had pulled out of the parking lot unknowingly before the baby was secured in a car seat.  But it quickly became clear that the baby was not going to be secured in a seat.

The trio were proceeding in the same direction I was so my rage at the risk they were placing the baby in was able to reach a boiling point quickly (which in truth was about 10 seconds).  I called 911.  I gave them the vehicle description, the location, the license plate, etc., etc. – all the while driving behind them.  I must say, I was extraordinarily nervous talking on the phone and driving behind them as I knew that even the smallest impact could send that baby flying.

I was able to follow them right up until they pulled into the parking lot area by Menards and Dress Barn.  Had Cheyenne not been waiting for me to pick her up from school I would have followed them right into the parking lot as well.  I wondered at the time if they suspected that what they were doing was being watched with disdain by others –  I sincerely hope so.  If not, let me make clear the particulars of this situation – just in case it was youyou were in a four-door, dirty, white Honda – traveling from the TJ Maxx plaza at 3:25 PM on Friday toward West Fargo on 13th.  I hope the police caught up with you either in that parking lot or at your home (as I made sure to give them your license plate) and that they impressed upon you how dangerous it is for a baby to travel unrestrained in a car. 

Yes – it was me – I reported your careless behavior with that baby; and damn straight I would do it again in a New York minute.  Please don’t put that baby at risk like that again.

Day eight hundred and eighty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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