Doll Therapy…

Most folks are done playing with dolls by the time they reach the new forty – but not me.  I have a new doll.  And no, it is not a blow-up doll, nor does it require human hair and stick pins (although those dolls do have their place). 😉

My new doll was gifted to me by the Jensens – Jessica and Dustin – who both work with me at the university and are apprised of my daily challenges and stress level.  They are also aware that I don’t have enough time in my schedule to seek the amount of therapy I need or another likewise stress-reducing outlet; hence, the doll – a Dammit Doll.







I must confess, prior to receiving my own Dammit Doll I had never heard of this therapy tool.  Not that I needed the doll to issue a heartfelt “Dammit!!!”  I have acquired the capability to cuss a blue streak over the years (who says marriage has limited value?).  The real value in the doll  is in the permission it gives to channel all of one’s energy into beating it about while letting out the frustration behind the “Dammit!!!”  It provides an easy therapy outlet that can be accessed at any given time without having to spend time or money on a therapist.  Interesting…and as simple as it is – amazingly effective.

It does occur to me though that there are limits to what any one Dammit Doll can take.  I am thinking I may need a series of Dammit Dolls strategically placed in the locations I frequent that can be rotated out once they have endured their final “Dammit!!!”  Yeah…perhaps I should buy stock in that company. 😉

Day eight hundred and ninety-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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