The Merriment Of It All…

I did a bit of shopping about town last night after the Bison football game and I have to tell you, there is a merriment about town.  Something about combining the joy of the holiday and the ecstasy of the Bison playing in the championship game has folks fa la la-ing in a way that is a bit more exuberant than usual. 

Well, it is big news…and a fabulous gift for the region, the NDSU faithful and alumni.  That is one stocking stuffer that money couldn’t buy – it had to come from the heart of the players, a determination to give everything they had.  And they did it…they dominated yet another playoff game. 

So it is Frisco, Texas in January for the Bison and a joyous holiday for their fans.  Of course, the team members will have abbreviated holiday celebrations with their families as they will need to be here readying themselves for the championship game.  I imagine they are okay with that, but I think about the ages of these players and the intensity of this experience and hope that the few days they will get with their families are enough to remind them that no matter what happens in Frisco they are more than football players – they are sons, brothers, cousins, grandsons, nephews, uncles and boyfriends.  I hope they can – if it is possible – keep the game in perspective.

As for the fans…well, there is no perspective to be had other than:




Yes, I know the perspective well. 😉

Day eight hundred and ninety-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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