Mr. Binks Likes String Beans.

I discovered quite innocently the other day that Mike’s cat, Mr. Binks, likes string beans.  I found this to be decidedly odd, but also incredibly intriguing (remember, simple things entertain simple minds).  First, I checked out whether string beans are on the “What Not to Feed Cats” list – they are not.  My second agenda item was to perform an Internet search to see if other cats were string bean fans.  Suprisingly, Mr. Binks is not alone – there are others.  Who knew?

I wondered if my cats were also string bean eaters.  I decided to find out and lo and behold my cats like eating string beans too.  Watching them get as excited about string beans as they do about cat treats just blew my mind!

Why couldn’t I have learned this type of information as a kid?  A string bean eating cat would have come in mighty handy back in the days when I wasn’t all that big a fan of string beans.  I could have cleared my plate a lot quicker had I known that I had a potential ally just a meow away.

I think I could market string bean eating cats to reticent string bean eaters around the world.  Can you imagine how much less anxiety folks who hate green bean casserole would have if they knew they had a string bean eating cat nearby to quickly and quietly dispose of the obligatory spoonful?  I could make my fortune off of this discovery!

Perhaps I should test other vegetables like brussel sprouts, cauliflower, peas and broccoli…perhaps the string beans are just the tip of the iceberg (note to self – maybe cats will eat lettuce too).   This discovery could really go far if handled properly. It could result in a significant shift in the way human beings view cats – from social animals who occasionally mouse hunt to facilitators of classic vegetable avoidance.  I can see it now – a special breed called “The Binks” that thrives on vegetables.  Every kid will want one for Christmas…Del Monte and Green Giant will market special pet-focused vegetable items…green bean casserole makers may finally catch on that there are some fall-outs amongst those they believed were part of the faithful. 

Pretty amazing, eh?  Especially the part about how easily a string bean eating cat can capture and divert my attention from other more important tasks I should be doing.  Let’s face it, all this daydreaming about making my fortune off a new cat breed won’t amount to a hill of beans – well, at least not a hill of string beans…I know cats who can make a short order of that. 😉

Day eight hundred and ninety-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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