Jared Frisco Has Diane Stark.

I like the marketing campaign Target Stores has used this season – Santa has elves; you have Target.   It is one of my favorite holiday marketing campaigns for quite awhile.  Of course, I still love the crazy Target lady that has been used for a couple of years now; but, mega-retailers like Target have to constantly shake up their marketing to draw in the fickle consumer.  I imagine they did okay this season with their recent campaign.

I thought of Target’s slogan today while reading a story about a Kmart employee (which I am sure chagrins both major retailers).  The story was about a Kmart employee, Diane Stark, who purchased a RCA monitor for a customer named Jared Frisco.  It seems Jared regularly came into the store and purchased small items, each time telling Diane that he was saving all his reward points to buy that RCA monitor.  If you understand the reward point system you know that it takes an awful lot of expenditures to get to that point.  So Diane became the one to make Jared’s fervent wish to own that RCA monitor happen – she bought it for him. 

That’s right.  She bought a gift for this man out of the goodness of her heart and out of her own wallet – she brought Jared’s hope into reality.  So Santa may have elves, and you may have Target, but Jared Frisco has Diane Stark. 

I love this story.  It reminds me of the humanity that can be evidenced across communities in a hundred different ways on any given day.  We don’t always hear about it in the news – indeed, we often don’t. 

I applaud Diane Stark for the timely reminder of the power each and every one of us has to impact the lives of others – be it via a kind word, thoughtful gesture or well-placed gift.  This is what marketing humanity looks like folks – and in my mind it is the best marketing campaign ever. 😉

Day nine hundred of the new forty -obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. katherine

    In the best marketing, love rules. God sent Jesus at Christmas (calendar issues notwithstanding) to tell a new story in a new way — it worked because it was a gift of love. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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