Feliz Navidad!!!!

I don’t think anyone would ever accuse my family of being staunch traditionalists.  We are more concerned with doing what we like to do as a family over the holidays rather than what “tradition” might dictate makes for the essential holiday experience.   Not that we don’t have “family traditions” – we most certainly do.  But it is noted that our “family traditions” are not exactly the same as you may see in the Hallmark Family holiday specials.

Now don’t get me wrong…I am not on a beach somewhere with a Corona in my hand basking in the sun and inserting extra merry into my Christmas weekend;  although, the kids would likely really love to spend the holiday that way.  Likewise, I am not all a-buzz in the kitchen cooking a holiday ham and baking cookies while melodically humming Christmas carols and looking divine with my perfectly coiffed hair in a crisp, ruffled pointsetta apron.  The kids would likely assume that I  had been converted to a Stepford wife if they happened upon that scene – it simply couldn’t be further out of character for me.

Our family traditions tend to be more indicative of our real personalities and are dictated  by what we want to do – not by what others do or by what retailers tell us we should do.   Thank goodness…I would be an utter failure at Christmas otherwise. 

Today we will have a Christmas Eve celebration (although it will start long before the eve).  It will be – as it has been for a number of years now – a Mexican Christmas.  Not that we go to Mexico, speak Spanish or break out a pinata…it is more about the flavor of the day – both literally and figuratively.  We eat Mexican food, relax and enjoy family…with the primacy being placed on the enjoyment.  Our family traditions include homemade tortilla chips, enchiladas, and other traditional Mexican fare coupled with lots of laughter.  We eat until we are stuffed, we laugh until we cry, and we celebrate the fact that we get to spend the time together as a family. 

When it is all said and done we store away the memories and know that next Christmas it will be more of the same – although we may just look into doing Christmas next year on a beach somewhere with Coronas in hand – a Mexican beach of course. 😉

Day nine hundred and one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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