The Courage Of My Conviction…

I do not possess strong opinions on all things.  Indeed, on some things I am decidely malleable.  Frankly, there are plenty of things I don’t know or care enough about to allow me to fairly generate a strong opinion.  The things that I have strong opinions on that I believe to the core of my being – my convictions – are another thing entirely.  I fight for my convictions. 

Mary Waldrip said, “It’s important that people know what you stand for. It’s equally important that they know what you won’t stand for.”  Oh yes, the courage of one’s convictions…the power that not only defines the battleground, but that also provides the commitment for the battle.

I am always a bit amazed when someone labels me as “formidable” or “intimidating” – I wonder if they have me confused with someone else.  I tend to be the happy goofball in the room, not the warrior.  Alas, I believe strongly in some things and from those convictions I cannot waver…and if not wavering means I become a warrior and therefore perceived as  “formidable” or “intimidating”- then so be it.

I live my life with  an internal barometer of what is right and my integrity dictates that I own who I am, what I do and any damage I cause (be it inadvertent or not).  I am the captain of my own ship and I navigate where I navigate knowingly and with full responsibility.  It sounds really deep, but really is very Popeye like – “I am, who I am.”

Most folks I have the pleasure of encountering in life are absolutely lovely.  Unfortunately, on occasion I have to deal with folks who aren’t quite so lovely – folks who lack integrity, ethics and basic decency.  I do not enjoy dealing with folks like that, but I do not shirk my conviction just because there is someone at the ready who would happily run me over with a two ton truck to get what they want.  Yeah…sorry…I can’t do that.  There is courage in my conviction and I have learned that courage is a self-defined characteristic that when embraced is hard to beat down.  So call me “formidable” or “intimidating”…try and push my convictions aside to get what you want…try and beat me down…give it your best shot.  I will remain standing and when you walk away you will clearly understand not only what I stand for, but also what I won’t stand for.

Day nine hundred and seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Barbara

    Sail on, O courageous Captain! This post made up my mind to step forward on an issue I believe to my core. I see rough seas ahead…..but ahead I’m going anyhow. Thanks!

  2. Kevin

    You are who you are, and you will never be anyone else. that is what defines us who we are. NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IS, YOU WILL BE FINE.

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