So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye…

I noticed this morning that the farewell song the children sang in The Sound of Music was stuck in my mind and I was outwardly humming it in a happy, sing-song way.  There is my subconscious at work…doing a mental wrap on the events of 2011 and pleasantly bidding it adieu. 

Not that 2011 was a bad year as much as it was the year that got away.  My friend Leretta gave me a page-a-day calendar For Women Who Do Too Much for Christmas.  The calendar has daily reflections about slowing down, taking care of your spirit and soaking in all the special moments that are found in everyday life. It seeks to serve as a gentle daily nudge to slow down life just a bit.  

My new calendar is a 2011 version.  I don’t think Leretta realized that it was 2011, but the fact that it is endlessly amuses me.  No one else seems to see the serendipity I do in me getting a 2011 page-a-day calendar For Women Who Do Too Much…I am alone in my recognition of its very special message and value.  I think it the perfect gift and a tangible reminder that 2011 flew past me without me planting my heels in the ground and stopping to take more dedicated time to re-focus my life.

Not that 2011 wasn’t a year of many gifts and lots of fabulous experiences.  2011 gave me the gift of Barb (a new muse and kindred spirit who I have enjoyed endlessly), my new beau Mike and his fabulous family, and a whole slew of new, bright and inquisitive students.  2011 gave me so many moments of laughter and joy, moments of deep appreciation for the people and opportunities I have in my life and the news that Sarah and Dusty will be having their first baby on or about my birthday (really I know the baby will be born ON my birthday – July 5, but I am trying to be diplomatic in allowing the doctor’s date some credibility – July 7…2011 also gave me the ability to be gracious like that). 

But 2011 did get away from me and my page-a-day calendar will serve to remind me of that every day of 2012 (well, most every day as 2012 is a leap year with that all important extra day).  I hope that is the greatest takeaway from 2011 – remembering as I move into the new year to soak in one day at a time and to relish the present by being present in the moment.  It is something that I often have to remind myself of in the hurriedness of day-to-day life.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye 2011…and hello to the 366 days of 2012. I may be a year behind on my days, but the daily reflections from my 2011 calendar arrived just in time to set the right tone for the new year.  😉

Day nine hundred and eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Carol, has been such an inspiration to my life, I am taking her blog and I so appreciate them, but I want to wish everyone a very happy new year. She is with her new man and she seems so happy. Everyone wish her a happy new year with her new man and thank her for the time she has spent to entaine us all.
    Carol I so wish you the best of luck in the new year, I so wish you happiness! You are a gem! Your man is lucky to have you in his life. You have been an inspiration in my life.

  2. Barbara

    Right on, Kevin–primo entertainment and inspiration all in one! I love the idea of “soaking in one day at a time”! I remember reading somewhere that we are too often “standing knee deep in the river and dying of thirst”. Thank you, Ms. C, for all the reminders to not do that.
    My family is thankful to you also–for the past two days, I have been (relatively) speechless. 😉

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