Oh Yes, They Heard You Now.

The buck stops here – actually, the two bucks.

I was incensed when I first read that Verizon Wireless was going to charge a $2.00 fee for one-time credit and debit payments.  Verizon decided upon the added charge as the fees the credit card companies charge them to process these type of payments have been cutting into their bottom line – and they weren’t keen on that.  As such, they sought to pass that cost on to the consumer.   How gracious of them to share the burden like that.

Alas, Verizon customers were having no part of that and they quickly and quite loudly raised their voices to say as much.  And an amazing thing happened, Verizon decided they would not pass that fee on to consumers.  I suspect the fact that the FCC committed to look into the new fee when coupled with the widespread consumer backlash was just enough to give Verizon executives pause (the kind of pause one gets when being unexpectedly slapped in the face).

Fee aside, the more important lesson here for Verizon and other mega-corporations that seem to operate far too frequently on a model that puts profit over service and customer needs is “STEP OFF!”  Consumers are fed up and not afraid to say so.  The days of the little guy feeling disenfranchised are over.  The disgust with corporate greed and gluttony has reached an all-time high and regular folks’ – folks like you and me – are just not willing to look the other way any longer.

It makes me happy to see this type of consumer advocacy.  I think that in the face of an increasingly corporate-dominated world consumers have come to feel small and voiceless.  We aren’t.  We are the bread and butter of corporate America.  They NEED us.  We would do well to remember that.  Our collective voice has power.

This is a check in the “WIN” column for the consumer.  Verizon definitely heard your discontent and changed their plans accordingly.  So, what will you do next empowered consumers?  Will this be the year that Ralph Nader the well-known consumer advocate is finally successful in his presidential campaign?  Will this be the year that corporations and the folks that run them will be held to the same standard as you and me as far as fiscal responsibility and duty to others go? Will this be the year when we all realize that if we are not part of the solution – a part of the revolt  – that we are part of the ambivalence that has allowed corporate America to act without regard for consumers’  voices for decades? 

You want to create change – raise your voice…now more than ever, they are listening. 😉

Day nine hundred and ten of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Stan

    They have been advocating alternate methods of payment for years, then when we all start using them they want to charge us. Having a computer flip a 1/o does NOT cost $2.

  2. Well here is what I have heard. To have a credit card accepting station, you have to sign a contract that says you will not charge extra for the credit card fees. Example you go to a business and they have a sign on their wall that says if your bill is less then say example $20. they will charge you a 25 cent processing fee. From what I hear, and I have never seen a contract, but from what I hear, “just saying” it is not allowed in their contract to be a credit care “acceptor” . Yes I have verizon, so I have to figure out how to bypass these charges, or pay these charges, and say nothing or make up my own cell phone company. Bypass the charges really would be easy, put it on a credit card. Pay them, prolly what I would do. Start my own company, NOT A CHANCE. Do I agree with this all, not a chance, but I am one little voice, so like Carol said, voices of the masses, and hope for the best. We all kind of make fun of the wall street masses, but really they are our outspoken voices that we for some reason can not speak. Corporate Amerika has taken over, and we are only lil people in this big world. I will never forget the day that my mother told me that Dad told her to take the car to get the oil changed at the local chevy dealership and have them get new tires, and she told me, she thought Dad was going to make her take them back cause they were made in Canada. My Dad has such been an outspoken, but unheard voice of “american made” He also has spoken down on “union labor” I really was scared to sign up for the union when I worked at bobcat, thought my dad would disown me, he never said a word. But I always had the guilt in me, knowing my dad did not like union labor. Dad has not said much these recent years, but union labor, my guess turned to corporate greed. Everyone forgets the lil guy, the lil guy is the guy who got this all started. If it were not for the lil guy, there would be no big guy (corporate amerika) My kids know me, ask them what my favorite place in walmart is………..its the clearance isle. I have worked for many big corporations. I was merely a number. I work for a lil big guy now. But I am more then a number. I am someone. Last summer when boss man and I got into it, and I said, screw ($%^%$ it I quit) he beat me to my house before I got home. And after talking things out, I am still working there, think you could do that in corporate ameriKa?
    We actually had a blast that night. We TALKED!
    Boss man and I have had many disagreements, but when it comes to brain storming, if there was a contest, him and I need to enter, cause when we are on that mode, we are awesome. Do you know of anyone who has a building 15 feet up, and that is the floor and another 14 feet past that up on stilts, just to load train cars? Plus its small and we have about 2 grand in it, and its not a problem, will he ever go up there, maybe just to see what we did, but he did it for his employees, not him. Small town guy, versus corporate amerika, no comparison. Need I mention he takes us on a vacation atleast once a year? Need I mention, he bought tickets on stub hub for the bison game thinking he may not get enough tickets with his points, for the bison game? Need I mention he has 8 season tickets and every game he made sure every one of his employees had tickets. Would corporate amerika do that?
    So verizon, charge what you want, when you get to high priced, just maybe there will be a new company that will replace you.
    The sky is the limit, dont look for me to do it, but there are many people in this world.

  3. Barbara

    I love it when consumers (just ordinary folks) band together to nip corporate greed in the bud instead of waiting for government to take care of it.
    Why do the greedy, foot-on-your-neck people always forget how this country became the United States in the first place?

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